I took my car in to have the exhaust looked at again before work this morning, it’s fixed now, they just hadn’t put a second rubber on a joint so it was banging against the chasis.

Work was busier today, had some calls to do, got timesheets done, failed to get Vista working under VMWare.

I phoned Chris from BE as I had to tell him of a joke I saw on b3ta. My intranet and other software is all still running well. Apparently they’re having ActiveDirectory/XP migration issues, but otherwise it’s much the same there. He’s going to be in France when I’m over there in a couple of weeks, although Grenoble not Limoges…..

Update: just watched Save The Last Dance 2, which was very similar to the first one, not bad though.

I’ve just installed Lightning, the calendar plugin for Mozilla Thunderbird, it’s pretty good, like Outlook or Evolution.