Been a bit of a slow day today, I went to the pub for lunch, did the washing, popped to Tesco – that reminds me, I must ask Pip what it was she wanted from Tesco – treacle or something weird.

I tried out the 2.6.20 kernel, which seemed to screw with ALSA, but I’ve mostly got it fixed now, VMWare and Nvidia were no problem.

I phoned Mum & Dad. Dad had found a Renault Scenic on ebay for me to look at, but I got outbid. God know’s how I would have picked it up from Surrey and got it taxed/insured etc. in time to take pick up Mum and go to France (change ferry ticket too) and what would I do with the Clio etc…. I think I’ll leave a new car until I’m back in France with time on my hands.

Apparently Mum & Pip have been busy making 200 sausages from some belly pork they got on special offer!

I just watched You Me And Dupree, which was a pretty crap non-comedy. I also watched the Russel Brand standup, which was also a pretty crap non-comedy, the guy basically ranted about four issues for almost two hours and I don’t think I laughed once.