Those people didn’t buy the Clio, so it’s got a sign on it by the side of the road now 🙁

I’ve bought a Newlink USB2+eSATA enclosure along with a SATA-to-eSATA cable and a internal-to-external SATA blanking plate, so I can use my existing SATA controller with the new eSATA enclosure.

I upgraded to VMWare Server 1.0.3 at the same time as the new FC5 kernel 2.6.20-something, which has just been EOL’d, so definitely going to have to upgrade to Fedora7 when I get back to France.

I’m preparing for the Bank Holiday by getting lots of movies! Lost and Heroes are coming towards the end of seasons, maybe Atlantis S4 will come soon.

Work was OK, I’ve already got my invoice in!

I might get my hair cut this weekend, and I might even remember to take some photos of the car.

I just had crispy fried duck with ho-sin and pancakes for dinner, hmmm 😛