I learned about Solaris 10’s logadm today, after installing logrotate and getting it configured! A single logadm command sets up the config file and runs from cron!

I remembered last night that the hard disk I was going to put in my new enclosure is in France – doh! I got the enclosure today, it looks pretty cool.

I just watched Lost S3E19, it’s really still pretty slow at this point, but it’s looking like they’re possibly dead and in limbo, or some drug-induced Matrix-esque VR world. I certainly don’t think they’re on an island in real life. I’ve also got Supernatural S2E20 to watch later.

I left work a little early today as things were slow and nobody else seemed to be around, plus I’d worked through lunch.

I just had baguette and spicy hummus and I’ve already done two loads of washing.