I went to Halfords today and got the stuff for motoring in France – first aid kit, triangle, bulbs, fuses, headlight adaptors etc. I also went to the Citroen dealership and got the bonnet arm clip thing replaced. I also managed to adjust my GPS so it doesn’t obscure my speedometre!

Went to lunch at the local pub and got rent money from Tescos.

The weather has gone off (typical bank holiday!) it’s been 10-15 degrees here the last couple of days, Mum & Dad said the same about France when I rang them earlier.

I just watched Epic Movie, which was another Scary Movie franchise parody of Narnia, XMen, Davinci Code, Willy Wonka etc. It was pretty good, but nothing that would make you laugh out loud like the older Scary Movies. I should be seeing Spiderman 3 tomorrow.