Just watced White Noise 2, and it was really good, all except the ending which seemed a little rushed. It even features Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica.

I had a lovely salad today as I found a load of leftover spring onions, cucumber and celery in my fridge that I’d forgotten about, just added some lettuce with some cheese and ham.

I’ve got to find some more Xbox games as I’ve finished Call Of Duty 3 and am fed up of my older games. I might try upgrading XBMC2.

Update: just watched Spiderman 3, it wasn’t very good, in fact the first half was utter crap – all relationship stuff and no action. Hobgoblin and Sandman were wusses, Venom wasn’t bad.

Update 2: went out for a drive and then came back and watched Incubus – will Tara Reid ever be in a good movie?!