I installed my new 250Gb hard disk in my PC, getting it setup under Linux was just a case of running fdisk to reinitialise the partition, mkfs.jfs to format it and jfs_tune to change the disk labels about a bit, then updating the fstab with the new mountpoint.

I tried my external SATA enclosure out with the other 250Gb and it didn’t go so well – I plugged it into the VIA (Nvidia?) SATA controller instead of the SIL3114 and it seems to identify it as IDE in the BIOS, and tries to boot from it, which is annoying, when I changed the boot order, Linux seems to stall. So I’ll keep it as USB2 until I fancy playing around a bit more, and get Fedora7 installed.

It seems however the disk swap in our Sun box didn’t go so well – Phil says that it isn’t even recognised by the SCSI controller, so I guess we’re down to one disk for now….

My Clio is sold apparently, to one of Pip’s friends from down the road. Phil’s going to fix the dodgey starter cable. I’ll be sad to see it go really, as it was a reliable little car and we’ve been through a lot together – lot of miles that is! The new Citroen is lovely though, and I’ve done a few miles in that already – Stansted and back, Croydon and back, Brighton and back….

I made the mistake of going to the local pub for Sunday lunch – it was packed full of old fogeys, luckily as I was on my own instead of in a huge group of pensioners on a day out or screaming brats coming from church, they served me quickly – to free up the table I expect!

I popped to Tesco’s to get a newspaper and got a special offer on strong real ales, three different bottles for four quid.

I’ve been watching the Hogfather, a film based on Terry Pratchet’s Discworld, but it’s very slow – it is set in two 1.5 hour episodes, that make up one long film. I must get back into reading the Thud book that Phil lent me.

Update: just watched Aeon Flux, which was OK, not very original though.

Those beers aren’t great, just had one and it didn’t taste of much. Right, I’m off to do some washing.