I went to see Kev and fit his new hard disks, we forgot some key components as usual so ended up going to Maplins this morning to get Molex-to-SATA power adaptors. Luckily my eSATA enclosure had the right type of power connector, so we got the formatting/copying done using that on Friday night. I’m very pleased with that enclosure, it worked fine in both USB and SATA mode with the 500Gb Seagate and the 250Gb WD drives.

I’ve put one of the two 250Gb’s I got from Kev in the enclosure and installed NTFS-3G on my FC5 box and it reads the drive just fine – I’ve not tried writing and it’s still USB2, as I haven’t fitted the external SATA blanking plate yet. I’ll format it as ext3 eventually.

Kev showed me his Wii, Xbox360 and PS3, they’re all pretty cool. The Wii’s graphics are a bit N64/Gamecube era, but the remote is cool. The BluRay movies are very good-looking. Kev gave me a DVD remote for my old Xbox and an A/V cable, plus some games.

I went to RedBus and replaced the disk on the server, and it seems to be working OK now.