Just upgraded the blog to WordPress 2.2, it seems to have made a lot of the 3rd-party plugins part of the default install now – like backup and widgets.

I was looking at the new MacBook’s today, it seems they’re still a bit proprietary and not quite a regular x86 laptop, as Linux has various issues running on them – mainly down to the weird keyboard, one-button mouse and EFI instead of a proper BIOS, which also seems to effect the screen and bootloader.

It seems to be financial season again lately, I’ve been fighting with one bank to get a debit card and fix my online banking, another bank trying to charge me late fees for a period when I couldn’t get into my account due to them switching from Visa to Mastercard, the taxman writing to my old Gloucester address asking for updated address details, invoices/receipts needing collating, company insurance and professional memberships needing renewal, and the one thing I don’t mind – timesheets and invoices being sent off 🙂

I’ve been preparing for next week’s vendor visit to Birmingham today at work, collecting together all the paperwork and questions we need asked/answered.

I phoned Mum earlier, seems they are still full of a cold, but now Pippa and the dog have it too!

I just had fish’n’chips, but it wasn’t great, the haddock was sickly, I think it was too much batter.

Right I’m off to check on my whites washing.