I’ve got “The Cold” coming, I can feel the beginnings of one Hell of a sore throat. Must be coming out in sympathy with the folks and Pip.

Work was busy-ish today, Monday we’ve got some new kit to hack. Tuesday I’ve got to be on the road to Birmingham with the boss by 6:45am, so I think I’ll be taking a half day or something Wednesday.

Just watched Lost 3.21, which has to be the best episode in at least this series, what a cliffhanger, I hope it’s not the end of the series and we have to wait a year!

Supernatural 2.22 was pretty damned good too. The main crux of the series is gone, and a new challenge has been laid down.

I’m going into town tomorrow to go to the bank early, then pop into the pound shop near Maplins as the people at work are always ranting about it. Then got to get my hair cut and go to Brantano to look for some sandals.

I went to Tesco earlier and got some pickled cockles, however they were pretty bad – not pickled in malt vinegar, more like salty water!