Yesterday I went into town and got my bank stuff sorted – well kind of, my online banking now works but the debit card is going to take 3 months, now I’ve changed my address, so I’ll have to get my mail forwarded. I looked into HSBC’s new Euro account but it’s 13ukp a month fees.

I got my hair cut – a grade two. Didn’t go to Brantano to look for sandals though, went to the pub for lunch and got a 20oz steak, ended up having most of it for supper though.

Today it’s bloody hot. I got Aeon Flux and I-Ninja for the Xbox, both very crap games! I’ve watched a few films this weekend too:

Waking Up In Reno – pretty good comedy about two white trash couples who go on a road trip to see a monster truck show.

The Prestige – this was pretty good too, about two competing magicians and the lengths they go to to one-up each other, including ruining the lives of those close to them. Scarlett Johansson in lingerie!

Headspace – a really crappy indie horror, it had a good enough plot to start with and then decended into a Jeckyl & Hyde meets Carrie kind of thing.

Just had a lovely sild salad for lunch, hmmm fishyyyyyy 😉

Update: I just tried to install Windows Vista Ultimate under VMWare Server, but it seems “experiment support” means it’ll start the installer, but not finish it, and then hang the program!