I’ve added some new categories to this blog, to make it easier to find old posts. Namely Xbox and Movies.

Work was pretty slow today, there weren’t many people in the office as a lot are taking long Bank Holiday weekends. We’ve been getting messed about a bit with timesheet procedures lately. Only a month to go now.

I phoned Mum and had a chat, Pip was yelling in the background what shopping she wanted and what was getting delivered to me.

I got Brute Force for the Xbox, it’s pretty good, like one of the FPS’s for the Xbox360 that Kev showed me.

I watched the last episodes of Lost series 3 yesterday, it looks like that could well be the end, with lots of key characters dying. I also watched the last episode of Heroes series 1, which looks like it will be a new beginning, but with most of the existing characters, who now seem to be in control of their powers.

I started watching Flushed Away, but it wasn’t great. A bit too much of a poor Stuart Little rip-off.

I’m going to have a nice lie-in tomorrow and then go and get Pippa’s parcel and probably go to the pub, and maybe Brantano for sandals.