Just watched Blind Dating, which was an alright romantic comedy about a blind guy going on dates.

I backed up my FC5 install and tried to restore it into VMWare Server, although it wouldn’t get past the grub prompt. I tried a grub-install, but still didn’t fix it, which is weird, as I’ve done this before with FC3.

I’ve had to resort to cheating at FarCry Instincts Evolution, as I couldn’t figure out how to get out of the burning shanty town level.

Mum & Dad went and got my new freezer for me yesterday, woohoo icecream time!

I’ve written up my to-do list of stuff I’ve got to do before going home to France. Tomorrow I’ll probably sort out my post redirection, then next weekend I must go to Wilko’s for cat stuff and Wickes for paint (couldn’t be bothered this weekend). I think I’ve done all the techie shopping I need to do, I’ll go to Asda/Tesco’s at the end of the month.