The electricity has been flaky at work today, meaning no air-conditioning, so it’s been 29 degrees in the office!

I installed Fedora 7 on the spare testing laptop. It seems to have a few new apps, and a more standard Gnome install. It has a stupidly large number of services enabled by default – such as ISDN and Sendmail.

I took a slow walk across the [cool] park at work and went to the post office to get my mail forwarding setup, and send off Dad’s Fathers Day card.

I received a few of Phil’s Ebuyer bits and my Scart/SATA cables (including a gender changer that caused a few laughs!) and some ink, still waiting for my printer and some other bits.

Right, better go check on the washing and take out the rubbish…..

Update: just watched Next, which was a pretty good action flick about a guy who can see two minutes into his future.

Update 2: I’ve discovered a very useful little program called CUPS-PDF, that allows you to print straight to a PDF from any application on Linux. This means that programs that don’t have a “print to file” option still work, and you don’t have to convert the Postscript file to PDF using ps2pdf. It creates a virtual colour Postscript printer driver which is shared via CUPS, and saves the file to your desktop – which confused me at first, as I never put stuf on my desktop, always in my $HOME.

Update 3: I managed to get the ghosted FC5 image to work under VMWare eventually – basically modprobe’ing the correct SCSI drivers, and running mkinitrd as described here. Then I just installed the VMTools, and stopped some silly services (like VMWare itself) and changed the IP/hostname.