Bloody slow day at work today, I refuse to believe it’s only Tuesday today. I’ve even already invoiced for this week’s work!

Mum & Dad are coming over to England on Thursday to pick up their new car from Liverpool, so we’re meeting up at Nanny’s on Friday. I’ll probably stay with Nanny until Sunday afternoon. So that’ll be nice. I don’t think the GPS will have arrived by then.

Apparently Mum’s doing the shopping instead of getting it delivered to me now, so I’ll have plenty of room in the car for my computers and other crap; a thought that seemed to excite Phil immensly, hmmm more shiny stuff…… I must sort out their pillows, sausages, cat stuff etc; to take.

I treated myself to 2Gb of GeIL RAM as it was on special – 75ukp including next day delivery, instead of the usual 120+ukp. So if it likes my 2x512Mb OCZ, then my desktop will have 3Gb RAM for all lose lovely VM’s! I was thinking of overclocking my Pentium4E from 3GHz to 3.4GHz too.

Update: I’ve overclocked the P4 to 3.3GHz using 15x220FSB, and the temps look like they’ve gone up by about 3 degrees, which is not great for a 10% overclock, although I’ve not seen above 61c loaded yet it seems to idle at 50c. I might try 227FSB tomorrow to get to the magic 3.4GHz, at which point it runs as fast as the fastest model in the Prescott range – the Extreme!

We’ve got rain, thunder and lightning now, it’s pretty humid too, although nowhere near the 36c they’ve had in France apparently….