I phoned up and spoke to Dad earlier, he was at my house as he’s worried about Brandy the cat as he seems to be nearing the end of his medicine but he’s still weak and skinny. The dog from the people opposite is still making a racket too. Mum’s been cleaning my house a bit as its getting damp and mouldy from being closed up.

Mum’s been filling up my new freezer with stuff so she can sort out her freezer a bit. Once the Tesco shopping arrives I’ll probably go to Asda to get some last minute stuff and some stuff for myself as I’ll know how much room I have in the car then. I guess I’ll pack my computers etc. on the Monday ready for Tesco on Tuesday, then Asda on Wednesday.

In September we’re going to Biarritz and possibly Bordeux, then down the coast and across the border to San Sebiastian in Spain, which is only about 40mins away. That should be really cool. I remember when we visited Pip in Nice and went across the border to Italy, its kind of surreal doing that in Europe, it’s not so impressive going between England and Wales 😉

I just watched The Astronaut Farmer, which was a pretty good movie about a guy who builds his own space rocket. It could have done with being a bit shorter though, although it was only 1h45m.

Update: I’m watching Shrek The Third, but it’s not up to much.