I installed Fedora 7 on my work laptop today. It configured the widescreen monitor correctly, which I guess is down to 915resolution being in Extras, which is now merged into Core. It doesn’t like the non-widescreen LCD plugged into the docking station though. Compiz works out of the box with the accelerated Intel GMA950 graphics card drivers.

F7 didn’t identify the Intel 3945 wireless card, which I thought had built-in support in F7, I guess you’ve still got to use the awful ipw3945d from ATrpms. For some reason you have to use the power button to shut it down, maybe that’s an ACPI issue.

I tried to use virt-manager to create an Ubuntu 7.04 Server virtual machine – using both Xen and qemu (KVM) and found that the GUI is less than great, for a start it seems you cannot install from an ISO image using paravirtualisation (the laptop has a VT-capable Core2Duo and Feisty has a paravirtualised kernel) and even using full virtualisation it doesn’t seem to find a bootable CD, instead it tries to boot from the empty HDD, whilst using a shedload of CPU to do nothing. VMWare Server is still miles ahead of these two.

My ex-insurance agent is hassling me about the accident that happened nine months ago, it seems that either they’re late processing the claim, or the woman who hit me has suddenly decided to make a claim – she’s probably hit someone else who was less well insured!

I’ve done a lot of my packing now – all my clothes except those I’m washing now, which I’ll wear over the next few days. Plus I’ve packed my printer and various computer bits all except my PC and monitor. I’ve even packed some toiletries and kitchenware. I’m going to load the car up tomorrow probably and then do some shopping on Thursday. I’ve prepared my “travel kit”, which consists of various mains adaptors, SD cards with GPS maps, phone chargers, printed directions, ferry tickets, passport, Euros etc.

There’s been naff-all on TV tonight, so I’ve been watching re-runs of Streethawk, which is still pretty cool, but a bit dated.