Work’s been busy today, preparing for leaving, setting up the new guy’s laptop and the backup server, as well as doing the regular testing and phonecalls. I reinstalled Fedora 7 on the work laptop – leaving out the Xen stuff, and it works much better now – the ipw3945 was detected (to a degree) and it shuts down properly, and you get a 2.6.21 kernel.

I’ve mostly packed the car, all I’ve got left in my room is bedding, clothes for three days, PC, monitor, toiletries and some food in the fridge.

I’m somewhat disappointed with the room in the back of the car – when you fold the back seats forward, they still take up about a foot of boot depth, and you can’t have the front seats fully back either. I guess that’s why they can be taken out altogether.

I’ve got room for the PC/monitor in the boot, and my passenger seat free for my overnight stuff and last minute shopping, but I’m really glad Mum & Dad took the majority of the shopping. I dare say if I really wedged things in tight up to the ceiling I could have done it, but it would be really pushing it.