I got my printer/scanner working today and I got my new laser printer working too – it’s got a very nice output quality, although build-wise it looks a big budget, it even has a Linux admin program, although I just use the CUPS web frontend. I’ve got it shared to my desktop machine from my fileserver – it seems you need to add the ServerName directive to /etc/cups/clients.conf now, which I’m sure I’ve not done previously, usually other Linux machines just see published printers, and you can share them to Windows using Samba.

Dad & I might go to a Formula3/GT racing thing tomorrow if the weather’s OK, we’ve got free tickets/parking!

Brandy the cat had me awake at 5am this morning, it seems he’s passing blood in his urine again 🙁 although he seems plenty happy in himself, although a bit lazy maybe…. Clio’s been in a bit today, and that other cat tried to come in the back door again tonight.

Mum made Jamie Oliver fish’n’chips earlier, it was lovely but too much, we had to wait and have the trifle later.

I’ve just watched Arthur And The Invisibles, which was OK, although might have been better if it wasn’t a kids cartoon/CGI thing, as the storyline was pretty good.