I’m itching a bit from the sunburn from going to the racing yesterday. It was very good – with GT (Dodge Viper, Porsche 911, Ferrari, Aston Martin and some Corvettes), Clio and some weird “green diesel” cars. It was a nice drive too, and we saw some bloke bungie jumping off a viaduct. We came home and jumped in the pool.

I sorted out my crates in the loft today, I’ve found that a). I have a lot of ethernet cables, and b). I stockpile a load of old crap, in fact about two crates full of it!

I can’t get my VPN to work using FreeADSL, so I’ve come to the conclusion that the Freebox doesn’t automatically open a GRE tunnel when you forward port TCP/1723, as most routers do. I’m goiing to try my Netgear sometime to make sure that Free are not blocking protocol 47.

I got my eSATA enclosure working last night, with a lot of fiddling with the BIOS to put the Intel SATA contoller into “RAID” mode instead of IDE, then Fedora7 picked it up automatically, and even comes with NTFS-3g to read/write the XP partition that is on the drive I tried.

Brandy the cat is pissing blood again tonight, so its not looking good 🙁

Dad & I are starting to knock the floor/ceiling out tomorrow in the shell.