Dad & I have almost finished clearing out the rubble from the first floor in the shell nextdoor. Then we’ve got to hire someone to help even out the beams and lay the floorboards before I buy a couple of staircases and finish painiting the walls. Its going to be really exciting once the flooring is done as the games room will be taking shape.

Mum & I cleaned inside my car today as it’s been getting very dirty with our tip-runs; it looks like new now though.

Pip & Jacques were over at M&D’s and brought lovely homemade doughnuts.

Phil has been setting up the mailserver, and I’ve been finishing migrating my domains to our colo, all that is left to do is change MX and setup the POP3 accounts and aliases. I tried to build some Perl modules I need for my website, but without a compiler, that’s a bit hard! We’ll have to get around to building the AC200 development box eventually.

I’ve got to phone the RAC tomorrow about my no-claims, and also phone the incorporation company to switch my free domain name over to the new DNS.