We’ve finally got Email working on the server, all domains are now migrated (well, I’m waiting on synapticconsultingltd.co.uk, but that should get done today).

It’s secure, spam/virus -free and configurable, plus Pine works, which is nicer than Mutt that I used to use.

Poor ol' Phil has been slaving away for nights on Sendmail for SMTP, I did a few hours on Dovecot for IMAP/POP3 after we gave up on ipop3d; and SquirrelMail for WebMail last night.

I’m having an easy day today as everyone has gone out shopping. I’m going to try out OpenArena in a minute, which is an opensource Quake3 clone.

Tomorrow we should finish clearing out the rubble in the shell nextdoor. I phoned Nanny, and she seems okay today. Clio the cat popped in for a bit earlier, which was good of her, as she’s been practically catnapped by my bloody French neighbours!