We went to Toulouse on Friday so Pippa could pick up her new car. It was very similar to Limoges or Chateauroux, nothing special really. There was an out-of-town area with Ikea, and the town centre was mainly restaurants.

We had lunch on a boat – a floating Thai restaurant on one of Toulouse’s famous rivers.

We went to Ikea and picked up a few bargains, then decided to come home instead of stay overnight.

It was very hot, must have been in the thirties, and Pippa’s air conditioning wasn’t working! We got the car from Cite D’Espace, which is kind of a French Epcot centre, and we even saw the Ariane rocket!

Tomorrow we’re going to Jean’s for lunch, then Christopher’s gallery opening, then ostrich racing!

Monday I’m getting wood delivered and we’re going to start levelling out the floorboards in the shell, as well as finishing off cementing the walls. Hopefully we’ll get my gates back up soon too.