I’ve been too busy to post on my blog for a while, so here’s a quick update.

I’m having visitors tomorrow – the Parsons and Slosses are coming over on the way to the firework show, so I’ve been cleaning madly today. Beforehand Phil is taking me to get stairs for the shell, which now features a new floor!

Brandy my cat has not been too well again lately, weeing blood and being lathargic around the house. Clio has been hanging around the house more lately.

Mum & Dad came over for dinner tonight, I cooked steak and chips and egg, with a seafood cocktail and bread starter, we were too full for icecream desert!

Yesterday I went over to help Phil erect Jacques' swing/slide and saw his new car – complete with gears and lights!

My desktop’s power supply blew so I’ve ordered a nice new 520W from ebay France for 30ukp. I’ve started rebuilding my fileserver, which will get the new PSU.