I’ve finished setting up my CentOS5 fileserver today. After getting printing/scanning working, I’ve plugged in the extra SATA drives (for a total of 830Gb of storage!) and got Apache serving up the rsync’ed YUM mirrors. NFS/Samba are sharing the drives between Linux/Windows and Xbox Media Centre. I even installed VMWare and a copy of Win2003.

I’m testing temperatures in the case tonight as the HSF is bloody noisy at 5400rpm, hopefully it will stay cool at 3400rpm, which is pretty quiet, the case and PSU have 120mm fans, so they’re almost silent. So far the lower RPM has only raised the CPU/case temps by 1C.

I just watched World Trade Center, which was slow but got good towards the end. Essentially a tale of two cops stuck in the rubble of 9/11.

I went over to M&D’s for lunch today, as did Pip and Jacques, we had a lovely roast lamb with mint jelly, hmmm 😉 I’m going over to Pip’s for Jamie Oliver fish’n’chips on Friday.

I think we’re going to get my stairs erected tomorrow in the shell, as we’ve pretty much finished painting it and started on patching up the floorboards in the loft.