I’ve not posted in a while.

Yesterday M&D were fumigating their house so came over to visit me. We had steak and chips with whitebait starter and spotted dick desert.

The shell is coming along nicely – the two floors are finished and the stairs are up. I’ve got a bit more staining to do and we’re going to put in a false wall or two and doors at the top of the stairs soon. The walls are going to be crepi’ed and wood surrounds added to run electricity wires (and CAT5e!) around.

I had to replace the Fry’s 7usd gigabit NIC in my desktop last night, it’s now got a 7ukp Dlink DGE-528T (same RTL8169 chipset) so hopefully the issues I’ve been having will stop now – I thought it was due to the 2.6.22 kernel and the r8169 driver, but I think the card was fried as it kept losing it’s MAC.

I should be going back to BT in September, my old landlord says he’s got a German girl in for a couple of weeks but will be holding the room for me.

I went over to the Parsons the other day and we had a lovely fish dinner and watched 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer, which was much the same as the first one.

Update: it looks like I should be starting September 17th at BT, not very much time to get over going to Biarritz, but my landlord says he’s keeping the room for me instead of the German.

I’ve discovered Miro, used to be Democracy Player, the internet TV player, essentially a non-web-frontend for Youtube etc.