Dad and I have been busy doing wiring and stuff in the shell, we’re having a couple of days off now that the weather is a bit cruddy.

I’m currently watching 28 Weeks Later, it’s nowhere near as good as 28 Days Later. I’ve also recently watched The Simpsons Movie, which was essentially just a feature-length episode. Delta Farce was pretty bad too.

I’m now going back to BT on October 1st thanks to my agency mucking me around and some idiotic contract length rules. At least it gives me a bit more holiday, but has meant expensive ferries and loss of two weeks pay. I’ve booked my ferry home for Xmas, going to see Nanny for the weekend of her birthday too.

My pool table still hasn’t turned up, apparently it’s been with the courier since the 24th, and is supposed to be 48hrs delivery, so strange it’s not here on the 29th!

Bloody Spamassassin is killing my colo server, it’s using 80%+ CPU, and I can’t even seem to login to my Email as its locked the files I expect, nice non-threaded code written by some outsourced moron I expect.

Update: just watched Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane, which I thought was going to to be a parody, but was instead just a cruddy Zombie-flick. My pool table is being delivered tomorrow, the bastards at only dispatched it yesterday!