Mum, Dad & I watched Die Hard 4.0 the other day, it was very good, although obviously PG-13. We also watched The Walker, which was absolute rubbish.

Dad’s crepying the walls in the shell, we’ve got electricity in there and run the ethernet through into my bedroom, although I didn’t pull enough through, so gotta put a coupler and a short bit of CAT5e on the end and hide it in some conduit.

I’ve put the Destinator6 Iberia maps on the GPS’s ready for going to Spain next week, the cars are washed and hoovered too.

Ray, Dad & I finally moved the lintle stone out of the way of my driveway, it’s now part of the rockery at the other end of the driveway along with my new fir trees.

I’m looking after Jacques tomorrow, so hopefully can sit him down in front of a movie, or play some Xbox with him.