I got my Xbox today, along with the wireless controller – which has aftershock. Its a really nice controller, better than the wired one that comes with the Crystal Xbox 1.6.

I spent hours trying to figure out how to make it play NTSC games, and finally remembered something about disabling PAL60 in MS Live dash. Well it seems there is no way to get to the original MS dash with the Xecuter2 chip, but I managed to set the setting by installing the UnleashX dashboard (XBMC, EvoX and Avalaunch didn’t have the option).

So now I can play anything and am busy backing up about 100Gb of games to/from it. I’ve set XBMC2 as my default dash, as this is mainly going to be a media centre rather than games machine. Just waiting for the DVD remote to turn up now.

I bought ten ferry tickets to last me the next two years, as part of a SpeedFerries special offer. I’m going to have to book one of them to bring me back to England January 6/7th, as there’s going to be no ferries until February afterwards, so there goes my long Xmas holiday. At least I’ll get there a bit earlier now I’m on the 8am ferry instead of 12pm.