I got my hair cut on Saturday, I hate the way you have to wait an hour for a ten minute haircut!

I cooked a chicken balti on Saturday using a Tesco’s mix, it has been OK, but it seems more like a sweet’n’sour or marinade than a curry – not really got the Indian taste.

I had a nice bacon sarnie for breakfast, just to stick two fingers up at the morons who claim it gives you cancer – as everything does these days it seems.

Mum & Dad are getting about 100 spams a day and SpamAssassin isn’t even marking 90% of them, so I’m trying to figure out what’s going on there – I did change the threshold to 5 from 7, but I think maybe the blacklists and rules are out-of-date on our server. Funny thing is its actually going to their G&T domain, not the Chaillac one, which I’d expect to get spam.

I expect one of their friends they Email has a trojan on their machine that’s sent their Email address to a spammer, apparently they haven’t signed up to any weird websites. Its annoying when you get more spam than real Emails as the only real thing to do is change Email address – not very practical.

I’ve been playing my new Xbox games – Mortal Kombat <a href=http://games.teamxbox.com/xbox/832/Mortal-Kombat-Deception/">Deception and Armageddon are pretty good, I think I prefer Deception as it has three fighting styles like the other MK’s, although Armageddon has all the characters from the series.

I’ve also quite got into Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30, which is yet another WWII game.

I had a go at Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon (and GR2) and Rainbox Six 3 (and Black Arrow) but commanding the men is a bit difficult, as are the controls – as bad as Predator Concrete Jungle.

I just gave up on watching Hot Rod, a comedy about the son of Evil Knievel’s partner – a moped stuntman, it was a bit too stupid.

I got my external hard disk enclosure working with Fedora7 – plugged it in via the external SATA connector, setup fstab not to fsck it on boot, used e2label to set a disk label (so it get detected properly no matter what order the drives boot), ran fdisk to replace the NTFS partition and then mkfs.ext3 to format it. Already used 100Gb of the 250Gb 😉 I found I can turn it on and off (umount first!) as long as it was on when the PC powers up – hotplug doesn’t work under Linux yet.