I got my batteries and charger from Argos on Saturday, had lunch at the pub then went to Tesco’s, which was a huge mistake. I thought I’d go at lunch so it wouldn’t be too busy. How wrong can a person be?! There were literally two spaces left in the car park. I kind of did a smash’n’grab – got my newspaper, some drink and stuff for a curry then legged it (without half the stuff I went for) before I lost the will to live.

My cable tester works great – in fact it showed that I wired one end of my ethernet cable backwards, which I hadn’t noticed. I did it again and all eight lights came on, woohoo! It came with one of those cable pushers/strippers, but the crimper has that anyway.

I made a curry this morning but yet again the Tesco’s sauce didn’t really taste like curry – more like a bad sweet’n’sour or weird soup. So not doing that again, might go back to Pattaks or do some spaghetti with mince as chicken breasts are not cheap here.

Just watched Superbad, which was OK but certainly not comedy of the year like people make out, it was essentially American Pie meets Clerks.