I feel like death today – well not that bad, but pretty ill. I’ve got a cold, just been to Tesco’s for Beechams, Lemsip etc; just had some baked beans with lots of garlic thrown all over too! I think it’s going to be a mainly sleeping weekend interrupted with watching the occasional movie!

I got my cool 150w power inverter for the car. Its looks like a Coke can and has English/French/US plug sockets on the end as well as USB (for charging MP3 players and phones, GPS’s etc; that come with USB chargers). It’ll be handy for emergencies and for things like my bluetooth headset which only has a mains charger – Hell you can even plug a battery charger into it, so handy for digicams too. Also got a couple of little pressies for Mum & Dad 😉

I think its Comic Relief or something tonight.

I’ve got to sort out my cupboard this weekend sometime, as I can’t keep track of what I’ve got to take back to France, like my snooker stuff etc. Only 5 weeks now.

I’ve been playing Conan on the Xbox, but its a bit silly as there are huge gaps between where you can save your game, so if you get killed you have to go back to where you were an hour ago! Also there doesn’t seem to be any fighting skill, you basically wack whatever comes at you and try to jump out of the way, there’s no punch/kick, just the sword and mace. I’ve finished Brothers In Arms.

Update: just watched the Spice Girls on Children In Need, wow they’ve changed, it seems like the lineup now is:

Posh – constantly looking at the wrong camera, has to be in the centre, looking very embarrassed, probably hoping nobody in Beverly Hills is watching;

Sporty – doing some shouting;

Scary – well the enormous boobs are pretty scary, Mel B should now be called Mel DDD;

Ginger – I didn’t even recognise Geri, I thought some old biddy had been put in her place, too much suntan lamp darling;

Baby – pretty much the one holding the band together and doing all the singing it seems.