Once again the 2nd best singer has won the XFactor – probably because a load of teeny boppers with mobile phones voted for the young bloke. It seemed a foregone conclusion about 20mins before the votes were in – there was 1% in it and all the judges seemed to be letting Rhydian down gently in a way.

That’ll be the last time I watch the show past the auditions (which are really funny!) Frankly I’m amazed Leon even made it to the semi’s. It makes you wonder if they do a marketability study on the contestants and fix the results, it wouldn’t be the first time….

I’ve got all my Xmas shopping done now (other than Asda on Saturday) so can relax. I’ve even sent off a few cards. I’m going to sort through what I have to take to France tomorrow, ready for the Tesco stuff to arrive on Wednesday and packing of the car.