I’m a bit pissed off today as work seems to be stealthily advertising for a new member of our team and the daily rate is more than we’re getting. As my agency are taking so long to get me my renewal paperwork (and pay me!) I’m thinking of quitting and re-applying next year.

I’m starting to worry about space in the car for the France run, as I guess I have to have the passenger seat free, and without my clothes I think I’ve already filled half the boot/backseat full with presents and they still haven’t finished arriving apparently. I guess I’ll get the Xmas shopping in, but doubt I’ll be able to offload much from my aunt’s car.

I’ve been getting aggro’d with VMWare today – it really shouldn’t take 3 hours to ghost a physical machine into a virtual one, mind you I think a lot of that is Windows cruft. That said VMWare seem to be abandoning Linux hosts as their new Server 2 beta seems to have no way to admin the VM’s without either a Windows executable or MSIE. Plus their Converter product (P2V) does naff all when it comes to non-Windows. Their Solaris guest support is a joke too. Although I can’t move to Xen or KVM without buying new hardware.