Phil & I returned to England on Sunday 6th, not a bad drive, although I was essentially driving off-and-on for twelve hours, I then couldn’t get to sleep that night as I was so awake (we arrived back in Ipswich after 10pm).

Monday 7th we were back at work, Phil in the B&B down the road from me. On the way to work I slid in the wet into the back of a Porsche Boxster, luckily no damage. Lesson: don’t drive whilst half-asleep! We found that Phil didn’t need to come over for the meeting after all – it was announced at 5pm that there would be a phone conference option.

Tuesday we Jumpstarted the Netra AC200 with the two new 36Gb hard disks (today I upgraded it to 2Gb RAM for 30ukp). We’re considering making the T1-105 into the mailserver and the 200 as the webserver, as between Apache and Spamassassin the 105 is getting hammered currently. We’ll have to see what the colo guys have to say, otherwise we’ll just replace the 105 with the 200.

Today at work we’ve been talking to the Pentesters and trying to get routing and credentials sorted to do some testing over the next couple of days.

Tomorrow we’re going Land Rover hunting for Phil.

We’ve been eating incredibly badly due to not having the time to go shopping and having to eat it over at my place instead of the B&B, so its been pub, cafe, chippie, kebab, pizza, McD’s and a sarnie! Friday we’ve got free full-English breakfast on the boss to complete the circle of grease 😉

I’ve booked 2nd-10th February off for my birthday back in France.

I’ve been playing Commandos Strike Force on the Xbox, its not bad but not original.