Phil’s gone back to France now in his new Land Rover, complete with boot full of eBay and Tesco stuff and iffy fuel guage!

We did finally cook some healthy food for ourselves and not eat out last night, a lovely chicken and some curry sauce. We both felt like we needed to detox from all the fast food.

We’ve been doing some web application hacking at work the last couple of days, which is always fun 😉

Today I’m just taking it easy watching some movies, might do some washing and clean my room, and maybe get the car washed, although with the crappy weather I might just wait until I go to France, as it will only get filthy again, gotta sort out the interior at least.

I got some stick-on spots for the pool table for a pound and some chalk too, apparently someone’s getting me some new snooker balls too, so hopefully these ones will fit my triangle.

Update: I’ve been hacking around with my firewalls to minimise the routing allowed via the VPN. I’ve also been migrating the Netra T1-105 config over to the AC200, as it looks like we won’t be able to host both servers.

I watched No Reservations, which was an OK but predictable romance/drama.