As an early birthday present treated myself to a 750Gb Samsung Spinpoint F1 hard disk. Got an SMS from CityLink saying it had arrived at the delivery branch (wow next day!) So I went to pick it up and apparently you can’t pick things up the same day they arrive at the branch, so got to wait until Monday now. So I’ll have over a terrabyte of storage in two of my PC’s alone! I think I horde files too much 😉

Then went to Tescos to get a newspaper, and as I approached the counter an 80 year old sprinted in front of me – I kid you not, she was like The Flash. So I let her get away with it, but then it turns out she’s one of these “oh whilst I’m here for my paper, can I get seventeen different lottery tickets and a packet of fags, oh and can you do a price check on these doughnuts I’ve just got from the store and don’t want to queue up for?” merchants. I tell you there was almost granny-homicide! Why do these people who don’t work during the week decide that they must go shopping on the weekend with everybody else?

I broke the final bit of plastic that was keeping the door on the front of my PC case today. Its a really bad design and I’ve gradually snapped bits off over time, so now the door won’t stay on the case and is hanging on by the LED power cable! I’ve taken it off now, but in doing so noticed just how dusty it was inside. I thought a case fan was on its way out by the noise, but it turns out the CPU fan was caked in dust about 4mm thick! Its nice having an efficient fan, but its a bit too efficient when its practically sucking in the universe in a blackhole-esque manner – I was half expecting to find a small person, a TV and a bag of crisps stuck in the copper fins of the heatsink!

Update: just watched Already Dead, which was a really pointless film about a man getting revenge.