I finished watching Blonde Ambition, which was so bad I had to watch it in two parts. Jessica Simpson was a bit scary – she seems to be unable to move her face or neck or something!

Then I watched The Ten, which was a star-studded but utterly rubbish “comedy” – short stories about the Ten Commandments.

I started watching Storm Warning, but it was looking like another “people wandering into the swamp and getting eaten by rednecks” flick and the two lead actors were really annoying.

The only good film was The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising, which was a bit Harry Potter-esque, about a boy who must travel through time to find six signs in five days to save the world from The Darkness.

I also watched Beowulf the other day, which disappointingly was a CGI-fest, but otherwise wasn’t too bad.

Poor old Jacques is in hospital with bronchitis amongst other ailments, Mum’s a bit better now. I got Dad a Nokia 6230 from eBay so he can use his Bluetooth headset. My uncle might be coming to France with me if he can sort out the logistics.