Wow I can’t believe its Thursday night already, the week’s gone quickly.

Work’s been kind of slow, but probably going to be a bit hectic tomorrow.

I hope I’m not coming down with anything like the rest of the planet seems to be, I’ve been dizzy, had headaches and now have a mouth ulcer too.

I just watched Juno, which was pretty damn good actually, kind of a love story, comedy and drama all in one.

I also watched Kisses And Caroms, which was an ok comedy but it seemed to spend too long building up the characters and not enough time on the plot, as it ended a bit suddenly.

The other day I watched Flawless, which was a good film about a diamond heist.

Dad’s new mobile phone arrived today, its actually pretty cool – about the same size as my Sony but with a better joystick and amazing signal strength it would seem! My batteries arrived too, so now I’m just waiting for my usb2serial cable from Hong Kong, which has already taken two weeks – I wonder if its crap postage or Customs being dicks.