I got notice today from Scan that they have rejected my RMA and will not give me a refund due to the drive having a physical defect, which they say is my fault, and in any case I should have told them within two days of delivery! Yeah because I’m sure every person who receives a piece of computer equipment inspects the circuit board immediately! Bastards. Samsung basically said they can’t issue me a replacement and Scan really should refund me. Well Mastercard disputes are now on the case, so hopefully I’ll get my 100ukp+ back….

Hopefully ebuyer won’t be such bastards, they’re picking their drive up tomorrow via CityLink from work. I’m just not going to bother buying any more hard drives, at least not until I get both refunds; otherwise I’ll just have to delete some data or burn it to DVD.

Scan’s behaviour reminds me of the kind of greif we used to get at Fry’s Electronics – once I actually built a PC in the store just to check that the motherboard/CPU combo they sold me actually worked, as I was so fed up of getting home to find they didn’t work and having to drive back to the store for another one – I think we went through three or four and of course the broken kit went back on the shelves, I did get a free graphics card out of it (and at least they didn’t put it in the “bargain bin” like Microcenter, and then charge more than the same kit off the shelf!)

Update: I seem to have been very busy today but not done much work. I’ve been on the phone to Scan, Samsung, Mastercard, ebuyer, Pippa etc; been to Wickes, Argos and the Post Office….. Jacques is coming back to England with me and Mum now as well, with his little luggage trolley for the airport hehe.

Just watched Martian Child, which was a really good film about a boy who claims to be from Mars, and how his adopted father copes.