ebuyer have given me my money back for the duff hard disk, so why couldn’t Scan do that and satisfy their customer?!

I’ve been sorting out some infrastructure at work today, so the guys can do some testing next week when I’m away. The boss told me to go at 1:30pm, once that lot was done, can’t say fairer than that 🙂

I watched Aliens vs. Predator: Requim, or basically AvP2, last night. It was bloody good – better than AvP I think, although it was a bit dark – I didn’t even realise that one of the aliens was half predator until afterwards!

I’m counting the hours until I go to France now, I was even considering getting the 8am boat, but its not worth getting up at 4am. I’m glad I didn’t leave it until Sunday though, as it looks like Saturday is the only day this week that isn’t going to have gale force winds.

Right, off to watch the first two episodes of Lost series 4.