Well I’m back from France, it was a nice break, 30th birthday was not too depressing 😉 I’m back off to France for Easter 14th-24th for Mum’s birthday, just as Mum & Dad get back from England.

I’ve got to get the car taxed, MOT’d and serviced April 2nd.

We’ve had some visitors from a foreign company at work this week, so its been a bit hectic looking after them at the same time as doing huge amounts of testing. I’ve been writing some Linux automation stuff today, and might be refreshing my RedHat Kickstart knowledge as well soon. Tomorrow is report writing day.

I’ve bought two of these Seagate 500Gb eSATA drives and controllers, they work a treat – the card is true 3Gbps eSATA and uses the sata_promise driver (better than sata_sil and sata_piix it seems!) and the drive is a 7200.9, which I had fun trying to get out of the enclosure to house internally.

I’ve got to finish unpacking this weekend and tidy up my room a bit, as well as cleaning the car.

I finished Manhunt on the Xbox today, that is a really hard game, I’ve been playing a single level for a day before, although like most games, the ending was an anti-climax.