Had a bit of a boring weekend. I’ve been finishing up syncing the AC200 to replace the T105 server, as well as upgrading some of the software. I guess I’ll have to pop down to Docklands sometime soon.

I’ve watched a few films:

In The Valley Of Elah, a film about a soldier who is killed when he gets back from Iraq, pretty gloomy, with echoes of First Blood, but very slow at 2hrs, it really looked like it was going to be a conspiracy movie, then the ending just was anti-climatic.

Run Fatboy Run, a comedy about a guy who tries to win back his fiance by entering the marathon. Not bad, but not particularly funny, I think Simon Pegg should have given up after Shaun Of The Dead, as it wasn’t going to get any better than that.

30 Days Of Night, a film about a month without sunlight in Alaska – an obvious target for vampires. Not bad, but a bit contrived – I’m not sure why the vampires couldn’t have wiped the place out in a day, not taken a month, hell it was almost over by the time anybody realised they were vampires!

Awake, after making Darth Vader into a whining bitch in Star Wars 2/3, Hayden Christensen decided that he had to ruin some other films. This one had a good plot that went bad, and he really didn’t fit the role of a millionaire industrialist – jees he still looks about twelve! No naked Jessica Alba either 🙁