I just watched the new Knight Rider 2008 pilot episode. It wasn’t bad, but the continuity with the spinoffs is totally gone. Here’s how the KR history now goes – the shows weren’t made in this chronological order though:

  • Knight Rider (set in early 1980’s, KITT 2000 is a Pontiac Trans Am)
  • Team Night Rider (late 90’s, Michael Night and KITT 2000 possibly still alive, various cars)
  • Night Rider 2000 (2000, KITT 4000 is a weird concept car, Michael not dead, KITT 2000 salvaged and put into an old Mustang)
  • Knight Rider 2008 (2008, KITT 3000 is a new Mustang, Michael not dead)
  • Knight Rider 2010 (2010, old Mustang with a computer containing someone’s soul in a KITT-esque manner, no Michael reference)

I had a play with Qemu and virt-manager yesterday, well it didn’t finish getting through the Fedora8 install and was extremely slow and the keyboard and mouse was iffy, experience similar to Xen/KVM. Think I’ll stick with VMWare for now.