Some real shockingly bad movies I’ve started to watch recently (most I’ve not been able to face sitting through):

American Gangster – basically The Godfather set in Harlem, at least twice as long as it needs to be.

Outpost – a Wolfenstein wannabee with British soldiers stumbling across a Nazi bunker full of the undead. Seriously though the director should be shot – there were camera angles where about 50% of the scene was blocked by a tree or random useless prop, also the shots were mainly way too far away and the colour was awful. Very low budget and certainly no Dog Soldiers.

Michael Clayton – I may go back and finish this one, but its looking like The Firm meets Erin Brockovich!

Death Sentence – I managed to finish this one, it was a revenge movie about a guy whose son gets killed in a gangbanger initiation and the legal system fails him, so now its war!

The Darjeeling – I was put off of this one by the short film that precedes it, Hotel Chevalier. The whole film seems to be set on a train in India (the other in a Paris hotel room).

Black August – some guy gets locked up for life for stealing seventy bucks then writes a book about it. Its not exactly The Shawshank Redemption.

In The Name Of The King – fantasy that’s trying to be The Princess Bride meets LoTR, but with annoying whiney music throughout.

Dedication – a kids book writer gets a new illustrator. Its a bit of a weird romance movie as they have sex once and then they’re all in love, but before that they hated each other and its all a bit depressing. Anyway Mandy Moore is cute.