Its that time of year again when all the TV series come to an end – or at least the ones I’m watching, and a few new ones begin.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has ended its first series after nine episodes, looks a bit dodgey that its going to come back after that short a run – plus its producers are busy with Terminator 4.

Stargate: Atlantis series four has ended, with an excellent finale, apparently series five may air as soon as July.

Bionic Woman was featured on Jonathan Ross last night as it airs in the UK next week, whilst its been finished for months in the USA, series one with only eight episodes, it was pretty bad, so I doubt that one will come back.

Supernatural series three has been put on hold at episode twelve due to the writer’s strike, it should return in April.

Heroes series two and NCIS series five seem to have ended abruptly after eleven episodes each.

Lost series four is not quite as nauseating as usual as the end is in sight, I think this is the final series.

I had a look at Dexter, series one is airing in the UK now, series two in the USA. After watching the first two episodes of this tale of serial-killer-come-CSI, I think I’ll give it a miss.

Another new series is New Amsterdam, about a cop who cannot die until he finds his one true love, he’s currently been looking for 400 years, so I don’t think he’s putting enough effort in! Its not looking too bad after two episodes, but again not great.

I watched Mad Money last night, it was OK, a bit unrealistic, but boy does Katie Holmes [Cruise] look like a junkie these days!

Apparently my Mini Mac will arrive on Monday, I’ve just realised I don’t have a USB keyboard, or a spare USB mouse or VGA cable or audio cable….. So will have to borrow from work until I take it to France.

Update: just attempted to watch Southland Tales, but gave up after about 40mins.