Just watched Lions For Lambs, which despite starring Tom “Scientology” Cruise, was actually quite good. It had three interwoven stories going on at the same time, about Afghanistan, one was a senator feeding a reporter propaganda, another was a history teacher trying to motivate a student, and the other was two soldiers on a mission.

I’ve also lately watched:

  • Bachelor Party 2, which was not so good
  • Resurrecting the Champ, which was a pretty good story about a down and out boxing star – but not exactly Rocky
  • Enchanted, which was a pretty bad live-action fairytale
  • Margot At The Wedding – which was a really weird film about the days leading up to a wedding, and a really nasty, psycho sister/mother played by Nicole Kidman, she was very good, I mean you really wanted to stab her in the face by the end of the film!

I’ve upgraded my Xbox to the latest SVN build of XBMC, I was surprised how easy it was despite it being the dashboard on this Crystal Xbox (its just an application on my black Xbox). The library mode is quite cool.

I didn’t get much sleep last night as the wind has been really bad, its bloody freezing today, despite being quite sunny.

The good news is that MasterCard are going to refund me the money for that 750Gb Samsung hard disk that Scan wouldn’t refund.