I’ve been testing SCTP today at work, its a bit bleeding edge but I found that iptables has support for it and there’s the sctpscan portscanner, which also does host discovery.

I’ve been doing the taxes lately, just sent off the personal taxation form, paid the corporation tax and supplying Pip the info for the VAT return, but to cheer myself up I sent off this week’s invoice πŸ˜‰

I just watched Dan In Real Life, which was a pretty good romantic comedy starring the guy from The Office US.

I also just heard that Terminator 4 is in production – its set a few years after T3, but not sure how it references The Sarah Connor Chronicles as that basically bypassed everything that happened in T3. Written by the T3 guys and produced by the Chronicles people, no Arnie or James Cameron. Apparently the start of a new trilogy….