Due to being mucked around by my agency (they just announced its going to be 5 more working days, not mid-week as previously hinted at) I’m flying back to France tomorrow morning for another week, whilst I await a new contract. I’ve only been on holiday for a day and am already out of things to do in Ipswich!

I’ve cancelled my service and MOT as neither is really due for another three weeks. Dad was super-efficient and put my tax disk in the post, so that will go to the office whilst I’m in France!

I’m flying from Stansted to Limoges and back out of Poitiers; I got the flights plus parking for about 130ukp, no not too bad. I couldn’t handle driving again. We might even go to the mobile home apparently too, as Poitiers is half way there.

Kev bought a crazy high-spec laptop from the States, and stuck 2x2Gb RAM in it, so I’m buying the old 2x1Gb from him as it will fit my Mac Mini, which currently has 2x512Mb.

I watched Music Within, which was a really good drama about a guy going deaf in Vietnam and fighting for the rights of the disabled to work in the USA.

Update: just watched Death Defying Acts, which despite starring CZJ was actually quite a good tale of Houdini’s last days.