I’ve got a cold and a stye, at least I think its a stye – could just be a bit of a swollen eyelid, as I’ve not had a stye in about two years since I had some minor surgery. Anyway, I’m filling up with Beechams, eyedrops and Paracetomol – in fact I just fell asleep for two hours in the middle of the day!

There was in interesting story in The Mail today, about how China (and to a lesser extent, India) is going to become a major world economy – possibly overtaking the USA/UK in a few decades. There are already more people in China than the US and Europe put together!

You can see their point though – I just bought a wireless CCTV on eBay from Hong Kong for 20ukp that would have cost me three times as much from a UK firm like ebuyer (that said I am looking at a TV card for a under a fiver on eBay UK vs. 23ukp from ebuyer).

The rising cost of fuel is being blamed on China, as demand in Europe has levelled out, but China still wants more, and supply hasn’t increased to cope. Nothing to do with the US being at war with every country that has any oil reserves 😉

I watched Untraceable, a film about a guy who murders via his webcam. What was good about it is that it was very technically accurate – no 3D holographic speaking computers like some Tom Cruise movie, but stuff like rapidly changing domain to IP mapping using low TTL’s on DNS records. OK the bandwidth he must have had going into his basement (13 million people streaming full motion video/audio) were a bit ridiculous, but it was a good movie.